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Enjoy education workshops geared toward what it takes to increase your productivity and profitability. With ever changing customer desires, it's time to step back and take a closer look at what is working and what can be done in another way. Learn proven tactics to reinvent or redirect your continued success story of a thriving business.

More session details coming soon! A sneak peek of specific presenters and topics...


Mobilize Your Restaurant

Presented by:
Kay-Tee Olds

Do you find yourself looking at empty tables during those beautiful summer months when festival season's in full force, and wondering how you can vend at key events? Or perhaps you're considering a mobile food business. There are many reasons for restaurants to participate in festivals; such as the potential to reach new customers, to reconnect with old customers, or to try out new menu items. The bottom line: It's a chance to make money!

This workshop is facilitated by a professional speaker who also owns a marketing firm and a mobile food business. It concentrates on a game plan to leverage outdoor events and increase sales. After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • Locate events that would bring value
  • Identify criteria for festival evaluation
  • Leverage mobile opportunities to grow their business
  • Utilize geotargeted ads to increase sales
  Kay-Tee Olds

Customer Service Culture and the Connective Dining Experience

Presented by:
Kyle Cherek, Host of Wisconsin Foodie

Every restaurant hopes to be highly regarded for its customer service. The delicate balance of ensuring that a guest feels truly appreciated while successfully maintaining day-to-day operations is paramount to the success of any hospitality business. What core principles, habits, and skills guarantee an exemplary guest experience? With panel moderation by Kyle Cherek, host of Wisconsin Foodie, learn from industry leaders how they manage these vital relationships. Some take-aways will be:

  • Tips on going from great to exceptional customer service
  • How the dining experience has changed and where it’s headed
  • How to connect with your customers on an emotional and sensory level
  Kyle Cherek
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