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One registration gets you access to three events:

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March 7-9, 2016
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March 7-8, 2016
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March 8-9, 2016
Online ATTENDEE Registration

March 6
9:00 pm

March 6
9:00 pm

After 9:00 pm March 6


WRA Members receive a FREE
allotment based on membership
dues level

$45 (All attendees)

At Event ATTENDEE Registration March 7-9 $45 Wisconsin Center
400 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Advance EXHIBIT STAFF Registration March 3
5:00 pm
Allotment based on exhibit size

$30 for advance registrations over allotment

Registration Opening in December

At Event EXHIBIT STAFF Registration March 5-9 FREE
Allotment based on exhibit size

$45 for registrations
on-site above allotment

Wisconsin Center
400 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Press & Media   FREE
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Admission Policies

  • This is a trade only event and is not open to the public. You must be directly involved in the foodservice and hospitality industry to attend.

  • No one under age 16 (including infants and toddlers) will be admitted into the Expo.

  • Children ages 16-18 years old are permitted if accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • You consent to the use of your image and/or name by the Expo without charge or obligation.

  • You give permission to provide your contact info to Expo exhibitors.

  • Solicitation by non-exhibiting suppliers is strictly prohibited.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.

Contact Dawn Faris at 800.589.3211 or dfaris@wirestaurant.org.

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