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The Midwest Foodservice Expo provides relevant trends for the industry, through articles and videos.


2019 Foodservice Trends


MFE online training seminars present tactics and strategies to help food, beverage and hospitality professionals grow their business.

In our on-demand video presentations, you’ll find solutions and get ideas for improving your marketing, workforce and operations.

Your Brand is Perfect for Someone, But Who

Presented by Jaimi Brown - Strategy Director/Partner, Hiebing

Inspire brand devotion by identifying your target audience and creating a story they will truly care about.

Walk away with ideas on:

  • What it takes to establish a brand strategy
  • How to tell a compelling brand story
  • Why creative needs to feed from the strategy
  • How to create engaging content

Leading a Fair Kitchen: The Importance of Staff Health and Happiness

Presented by:
Charles Ford - General Manager, S.K.Y. Chicago
Adam Siegel - Executive Chef, Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro
Kyle Cherek - Host, Wisconsin Foodie
Einav Gefen - Executive Corporate Chef, Unilever Food Solutions North America

This industry suffers from an epidemic of depression, deprivation and substance abuse. Make the effort to maintain a positive, sustainable workplace. A healthier work environment will ultimately result in less turnover and healthier employees, both mentally and physically. 

Dining Habits of Generation Z

Presented by:
Bret Yonke - Consumer Insights Manager, Technomic
Jessica Cravero - Midwest Regional Vice President, Technomic

Competitive research, consumer insights and industry trends on Generation Z from an industry leader.
From this session, you'll:

  • Understand how Gen Z are shifting their consumption habits
  • Uncover which segments Gen Z frequents most often
  • Discover Gen Z foodservice motivators and purchase drivers
  • Identify how Gen Z will drive advances in on-demand foodservice offerings

Using Video Marketing

Presented by: Bruce Irving - Founder, Smart Pizza Marketing

Tips to incorporate video in your advertising in order to grow your business, engage your followers, and build better community engagement on your social media platforms.

Your takeaways from this session include:

  • Why video has to be an important part of your marketing strategy
  • What types of video are working best and where you should put them
  • Tools needed to get started on a tight budget

5 Digital Strategies to Drive Guest Engagement

Presented by Chad Horn - Technology and Consultant, TableUp

Restaurants everywhere have woken up to the fact that their competitors are using technology in compelling ways to win. More operators are launching their own digital strategies to engage guests inside and outside of their restaurant. The result: a vital increase in guest frequency and spend. Learn about some of the most impactful digital strategies out there and how to identify your restaurant’s best opportunities.

You’ll get valuable guidance on:

  • Examples of some of the smartest and most accessible strategies
  • How to avoid some common mistakes
  • How to identify your best next move

Building a Workplace Culture Built to Sustain

Presented by Dr. Lynea LaVoy - Director of Hospitality Management, Madison College & Elizabeth Garcia Hall - Director of Hospitality, Food Fight Restaurant Group

Thinking about your culture as a buzz term is bad for business. Learn the significance of a consistent workplace culture and how to help your team adapt to one another in a more positive and lasting way.

Walk away with:

  • Tips for motivating across generations
  • Tools for engaging your hardest to reach employees
  • Tests to evaluate your culture’s well-being

Customer Service Culture

Presented by: 

Kyle Cherek, Host of Wisconsin Foodie
Lacey Reichwald, Owner of The SweetSpot
Joe Bartolotta, President & Owner of The Bartolotta Restaurants
Kate Cristobal, Director of Cafes Colectivo Coffee
Jason Ilstrup, President of Downtown Madison, Inc.

There's a delicate balance to ensure that a guest feels truly appreciated while successfully maintaining day-to-day operations.

Learn from industry leaders how they manage these vital relationships:

  • Tips on going from great to exceptional customer service
  • How the dining experience has changed and where it's headed
  • How to connect with your customers on an emotional and sensory level

Culture Chicken, Brand Egg

Presented by D.P. Knudten, Chief Collaborator of COLLABORATOR creative

Do you need a brand to create a culture? How about a culture to create a brand?

This talk will get you thinking – and acting – on:

  • Identifying the foundational pillars of your brand.
  • Aligning your true brand and culture to attract both employees and customers.
  • Engaging every customer touchpoint in a way that boosts your brand - and your bottom line.

Delivery for Restaurants

Presented by Jefferson Badger, VP of Sales at EatStreet

Delivery is growing in popularity but is it right for your restaurant?

In this presentation, you can get ideas and hear solutions covering:

  • Why it's important to consider delivery
  • Challenges of delivery
  • How restaurants can make delivery successful & drive sales
  • Available delivery options that can reach new customers and better serve existing customers. 

Managing Reviews

Presented by Kay-Tee Olds, President of Engaging Results Communications

Learn to work on building positive and lasting relationships with customers, and turn negative customer experiences into opportunities to increase diner retention.

  • Leverage reviews to increase sales
  • Improve customer relations through Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook
  • Incorporate influencer marketing into their marketing strategy

Stand Out from the Crowd (3 Parts)

Presented by David Caruso, Event Planner & Designer at Dynamic Events

Learn highly sought after tips to effectively (and creatively) brand your business in the food, beverage and hospitality industries in this dual-part series.

Takeaways include:

  • Discover ways to get your business on TV and in the press
  • Learn the best tools and tricks to increase your social media exposure
  • See examples of branding campaigns that communicate effectively