Mar 11, 2020

Wisconsin Restaurant Association Presents Regional Awards

IMG_7256_croppedThe Wisconsin Restaurant Association presented regional awards to restaurant professionals around the state at the annual Awards Gala held at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee on March 10th.  

The regional awards help to shine a light on excellence exhibited in restaurants across the state in five geographical regions.  

There are three categories – The Champion of Restaurant Entrepreneurship (CORE), the Best of the Front of the House and the Best of the Back of the House.

Best of the Back of the House
The criteria for the Best of the Back of the House are: attention to detail, calm under pressure, strong work ethics and leadership skills. The Back of the House winners show inspiring commitment to the foodservice industry and their contributions to the success of the restaurants where they work is so valuable.

Region 1 Lauren Peterson-Green
Director of Operations at Draganetti’s Ristorante & Za51 Pizzeria, Altoona

Region 3 Fred Griesbach
Chef at Cooking World Culinary Services, Stevens Point

Region 4 Joe Schreiter
Executive Chef at Mistral & Avalon Atmospheric Theater, Milwaukee

Region 5 Jesse Stiff
Executive Chef at Mariner’s Inn & Betty Lou Cruises, Madison

Awards Wisconsin Regions Map

Best of the Front of the House
The criteria for the Best of the Front of the House awards are: outstanding customer service, strong work ethics, leadership skills and have earned the respect of their colleagues and employers.  The winners in this category are true ambassadors of hospitality who create memorable and positive dining experiences every day.

Region 1 Sherry Muller-Flory
Lead Server at Trempealeau Hotel, Restaurant & Saloon, Trempealeau

Region 2 Penny Fairchild
Manager at The Blue Bayou Inn, Manitowish Waters

Region 3 Tera Castillo
Server at Seeboth Delicatessen, Sheboygan

Region 4 Zachary Heiniger
Assistant General Manager at Brunch, Milwaukee

Region 5 Eric Sasse
Gyro Crew Member at Parthenon Gyros, Madison

Champion of Restaurant Entrepreneurship (CORE) 
The criteria for the Champion of Restaurant Entrepreneurship (CORE) award for owner/operators are: demonstrated passion for - and success in, their business, a commitment to community involvement, and support WRA through membership.  Additionally the winners demonstrate exemplary leadership skills, business acumen and have a knack for helping the restaurant industry move forward through innovation.  The CORE award winners embody the dedication, creativity and heart that characterize this industry.

Region 1 Phillip Wanke
Owner, Burger Fusion Company, La Crosse

Region 2 Bill Tressler
President, Hinterland Brewing Company, Green Bay

Region 3 Gwen and Jim Seeboth
Co-owners, Seeboth Delicatessen, Sheboygan

Region 4 Christine Specht
CEO, Cousins Subs, Menomonee Falls

Region 5 Tom Anderson
Owner/Operator, Buck & Honey’s Restaurant Group, Monona

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Since 1933, the Wisconsin Restaurant Association has been dedicated to the success of the foodservice and hospitality industry.