Aug 10, 2020

Milwaukee Safety Plan Guidance Available for WRA Members

Milwaukee CityscapeCity of Milwaukee restaurants need to submit a safety plan by September 15th in order to continue to have people eat at their restaurant – inside or outside – including patio seating. Without a safety plan submission and approval, you will risk restaurant closure.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department recently released a risk assessment tool to allow restaurants and bars to submit a safety plan for maximum feasible capacity at your specific location allowing 6 foot physical distancing.

Also, a restaurant or bar with an approved plan will be ‘phase-proof’ should the gating criteria require moving back in phases. This means if between now and September 15 Milwaukee moves back to phase 3, your restaurant will be exempt from having to reduce capacity.   

The establishment’s COVID safety plan must address all the items in the risk assessment tool to be considered. If elements are missing or need improvement, feedback will be provided and the establishment may resubmit the plan for review. Plan submissions will be handled in the order they are received.

WRA has developed resources and guidance for WRA members to help create a safety plan. 

The Ask WRA team can help Milwaukee restaurants navigate the requirement. We are not able to write plans but can answer questions as you work to complete your plan. Email or call the Ask WRA Team at 800-589-3211.

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