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MFE Awards Dinner Sponsorship

When you partner with the Midwest Foodservice Expo and/or Restaurant Marketing Symposium, you'll be seen as a thriving supporter for the industry. We'll work with you to help deliver on your key business objectives to develop the perfect sponsorship for your business.

Ready to create a customized sponsorship? A wide variety of solutions are available. Opportunities can range from traditional sponsorships to unique partnerships at varied commitment levels, including:

  • Interactive Zone
  • First Taste of the Show
  • Restaurant Marketing Symposium Co-Sponsor
  • Expert Content Provider
  • Workforce Training
  • Official Bag Sponsor

Questions? Contact Dawn Faris to learn more about options for sponsors and partnerships.


MFE iZone

Interactive Zone

Hands-on training inside the exhibit hall focusing on culinary trends, techniques and new menu ideas. Sponsors can position different food products and/or disposables, cleaning agents, cutlery, etc. This event area is heavily promoted; sponsors receive generous recognition before, during and after the show.

Investment: $15,000 + trainers and product (installments allowed)


First Taste of the Show

Start the Expo experience for F&B pros with an unexpected "wow" moment: butler food to an attentive crowd before doors officially open.

Investment: $3,500 exclusive + staff and food product


RMS Co-Sponsor

The Restaurant Marketing Symposium (RMS) is a two-day educational event, held at MFE, encouraging the exchange of ideas and learning on all subjects related to restaurant marketing. RMS co-sponsors are included in pre-show, at-show and post-show marketing promotions. Speaking opportunities may also be included.

Investment: $7,500 and up


Official Bag Sponsor

Splash the exhibit hall with your brand as the official MFE bag sponsor. Your branded bags will be handed to each attendee as they get their badges - they'll become your walking billboards.

Investment: $5,000 exclusive + you supply the bags

MFE Quick Bites Session

Workforce Training

Connect with attendees on-site by leading daily Quick Bite training sessions on workforce engagement. Sponsors present casual 15 minute training sessions on focused workforce related topics. Sponsors receive multi-media branding pre-show, at-show and post-show.

Investment: Exclusive $7,500—co-sponsorship also available at $2,500

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