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Pre Show Prep
MFE Exhibitors

Included with your Space

  • Exhibitor Badge Allotment
    Variable quantity based on exhibit space size
  • Black Pipe and Drape Partitions
    If you would like to bring in your own booth furnishings, you’re more than welcome. Additional booth furnishings must be ordered through Valley Expo & Displays at 815.873.1500
  • Wi-Fi Service
    Internet is provided in the exhibit hall. If a constant connection is vital to your booth, please order a hardline through the convention center at 414.908.6053. The center also handles water and electrical orders
  • Custom Invitation Partnership
    Select foodservice and hospitality guests you’d like to invite to the Expo at a discounted rate, using a branded invitation we create for you
  • Ice, Freezer & Refrigeration Storage
    All complimentary, and no reservation required; Bring your own container for ice transport
  • Open Loading Dock & Non-Union Hall
    Just print off a dock pass before you head out and that’s your ticket in
  • 24 hour Exhibit Hall Security
    Although there can’t be eyes on everything all at once, we take the best precautions we can
  • Booth Presentations
    Let us know about a 10-15 minute talk or demo within your exhibit space and we’ll market your presentation; 300 sq. ft. spaces or larger
  • Complimentary Customer Passes
    Based on the size of your exhibit space, receive complimentary passes for your customers
  • Featured Product Promo
    Submit a product to engage awareness and excitement of what your audience will see
    at the Expo
  • Social Media Feature
    Tell us about your new products for the show and we’ll share it with our foodservice community
  • Buyer Matching List
    Contact information of pre-registered attendees distributed post-show for quick follow-ups
  • New Exhibitor Consultation
    Schedule a time to chat with show management to ensure “You’ve got this”