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Pre Show Prep
MFE Exhibitors

NEW! Multi-Media Upgrade – $349

Take advantage of this budget conscious upgrade. Each upgrade features (1) product or service through multiple mediums. (Deadlines may apply for print pieces)

  • E-blast sent to F&B operators before the Expo
  • Facebook & Instagram posts (1 each)
  • MFE Program & Exhibit Guide • Winter/Spring issue of the Wisconsin Restaurateur, a circulation of 14,000+ foodservice professionals
  • MFE website leading up to the Expo

Upgrade Today

Included with Your Space

  • Exhibitor Badge Allotment
    Variable quantity based on exhibit space size
  • Black Pipe and Drape Partitions
    If you would like to bring in your own booth furnishings, you’re more than welcome. Additional booth furnishings must be ordered through Valley Expo & Displays at 815.873.1500
  • Wi-Fi Service
    Internet is provided in the exhibit hall. If a constant connection is vital to your booth, please order a hardline through the convention center at 414.908.6053. The center also handles water and electrical orders
  • Custom Invitation Partnership
    Select foodservice and hospitality guests you’d like to invite to the Expo at a discounted rate, using a branded invitation we create for you
  • Ice, Freezer & Refrigeration Storage
    All complimentary, and no reservation required; Bring your own container for ice transport
  • Open Loading Dock & Non-Union Hall
    Just print off a dock pass before you head out and that’s your ticket in
  • 24 hour Exhibit Hall Security
    Although there can’t be eyes on everything all at once, we take the best precautions we can
  • Booth Presentations
    Let us know about a 10-15 minute talk or demo within your exhibit space and we’ll market your presentation; 300 sq. ft. spaces or larger
  • Wednesday Customer Passes
    Exhibitors automatically receive a minimum of 3 Wednesday Only passes, based on the size of exhibit space.
  • Social Video Feature
    Let the foodservice community know you’ll be at the show and what they should expect to see
  • Buyer Matching List
    Contact information of pre-registered attendees distributed post-show for quick follow-ups
  • New Exhibitor Consultation
    Schedule a time to chat with show management to ensure “You’ve got this”
  • Offer Free Admission to Your Customers:
    Preferred Customer Passes are just $5 each – good any day of the show! Use these passes to encourage your customers to see you at the show instead of a service call. Exhibitors will automatically receive a minimum of two passes, depending on size of exhibit space.
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Included Marketing Tools

NEW! Social Video Feature

Let the foodservice world know you’ll be at the Expo and give them a sneak peek of what they’ll see at your booth. Email for your 30-second video guidelines.

Be sure to take advantage of a handful of ready-to-go images, customer invitations, flyers, logos and more. This Exhibitor Tool Kit is super user-friendly with all kinds of choices.  Let’s work together to make MFE the “FOMO” event of the year!

In addition to the above marketing tools included with your space, (see chart top of page) we have a variety of “Sponsorship & Advertising” add-ons available.