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Dock Pass Requests

Your Access for Easy Move-In

All exhibitors wishing to unload their own vehicle(s) within the Wisconsin Center's loading dock area must complete a Dock Pass Request. Dock Passes may also be picked up on-site in the Information Booth.

Exhibitors must have a Dock Pass for each vehicle to access the loading docks.

Exhibitors are allowed to unload their own freight provided they use:

  • Privately-owned vehicle.
  • Smaller rented truck (e.g. U-Haul, etc.)
  • Company-owned vehicle, such as a flatbed or cube truck.

All other trucks will be unloaded by Valley Expo & Displays, including EACs. Valley Expo & Displays must also unload any materials arriving on a common carrier, van line, air freight company, UPS or Federal Express. Drayage fees will apply. The only forklifts and motorized pallet jacks permitted are those owned and operated by Valley Expo & Displays.


Upon arrival, display the Dock Pass on the driver's side dashboard of your vehicle. Dock personnel will only allow vehicles which are on the security list and holding a Dock Pass into the loading dock area. To ensure your vehicle is included, complete a request below.

If you are arriving with multiple vehicles, print the pass multiple times or make copies so that each vehicle requested has a pass. If, at a later date, you decide to bring additional vehicles beyond your initial request, complete the Dock Pass request form again to ensure all vehicles are added to the Dock Security list.

Target arrival dates and times are set based on a first come, first served basis. If you miss your assigned time during move-in, you may gain dock access as space and time permits.

Request Form

Only proceed with a dock pass request if you have immediate access to print or save PDF files. If you do not have a printer or need assistance, contact Ryan Pettersen at 608-270-9950 to have one mailed to you.

Pressing "Submit" will direct you to your custom Dock Pass to print now or save as a PDF for printing at a later date.

Scheduled Arrival Time

Vehicle Type

Adjustable Dock Needed?

If you will be bringing a larger truck which requires access to a dock bay/port to unload, will you need to be assigned a bay with an adjustable loading plate? This applies only to vehicles which must be unloaded at an actual dock bay, but the vehicle’s back gate does not conform to standard loading dock height. For all other vehicles, drive-up ramps are available for exhibitor self-unloading. It is easier to accommodate exhibitors needing only drive-up ramps.

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