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ACF Culinary Salon

Monday, March 11

2019 Cream City Culinary Salon

There is no better way to put your culinary skills and food knowledge to the test. The American Culinary Federation (ACF) Chefs of Milwaukee will offer a fun and competitive event, live on the MFE show floor on Monday, March 11.

Judging is based on an ACF certified points sheet, so the competitor's food and culinary skills stand on their own.  Watch professional chefs and college students compete in hot food and cold plate categories in ACF Chefs of Milwaukee's 2019 Cream City Culinary Salon. 

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Practical & Contemporary Hot Food Categories
Professional (K) Entry Fee $145.00
Student (SK) Entry Fee $45

K/1 or SK/1 ‐ Game hen, Chicken or Duck
K/2 or SK/2‐ Bone-in Pork Loin or Rack
K/3 or SK/3- Bone-in Veal Loin or Rack
K/4 or SK/4‐Bone-in Lamb Loin or Rack
K/5 or SK/5‐Game Birds
K/6 or SK/6-Bone-in Game
K/7 or SK/7‐Whole Rabbit
K/8 or SK/8‐Live Lobster
K/9 or SK/9-Fish

Cold Food Categories
Professional Entry Fee $100.00

A or B ‐ Cookery
C - Pastry
D ‐ Culinary Art (Show Pieces)


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