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Wisconsin Cheese Pavilion

March 11, 12 & 13

Taste a diverse selection of deliciously unique products and locally-produced Wisconsin dairy items for your menu.

Local dairy producers are on-hand with samples, recipe ideas, serving suggestions and ways to incorporate Wisconsin cheese and dairy items into your culinary offerings.

It's the best of America's Dairyland.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin - formerly the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board - builds awareness for Wisconsin-produced dairy products.

In the Wisconsin Cheese Pavilion at MFE, you'll be able to taste samples and talk with experts from a variety of Wisconsin cheese and dairy producers.


Wisconsin Cheese Pavilion Participants

Carr Valley
Cedar Crest
Crave Brother’s
Emmi Roth
Hoard’s Dairyman
Marieke Gouda
Old World Creamery
Pine River
Prairie Farms
V&V Supremo