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2019 Foodservice Trends for 2019 - See them At MFE

Today is an era of consumer hyperchoice. Foodservice operations need to do more and more to stand out with service, menus, sustainability and authenticity.

Check out these five industry trends for 2019 -- then see them live March 11-13 in Milwaukee at the -- to ensure you're ready to meet tomorrow’s consumer demands.

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1. Transparency and authenticity.

In 2019, foodservice brands will need to be more transparent on several fronts – including employment practices and workforce culture.

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2. Social media is changing menus.

Photo and video sharing on social media is bringing new concepts to menus. F&B operations are adding items that make sounds, move or change color to accommodate more social sharing.

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3. A holistic focus on sustainability.

More and more F&B operations are pushing eco-friendly in their establishments – approaches include plant-based dining or lowered meat consumption, zero-waste policies and packaging alternatives.

MFE's operations track features a chef-led session on sustainability.

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4. The new frontier of tech.

Technology is redefining our industry almost every day. From third party delivery to subscription services, app-based checkouts and other cyber tools that promote convenience, tech dominates in meeting the on-demand culture of today’s consumers. 
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5. The doctor is in, naturally.

Whether they’re looking to address diet trends (gluten free, paleo, keto, whole 30, etc.) or want ingredients that enhance brain function, beauty or mental health… consumers are seeking menu items that help them fix something and take care of their body with food. 
Source ingredients in the 2019 exhibit hall.



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