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Pre Show Prep

Pre-approved professional development CEU/CE’s credits are usually available. Check back here on our website in February for details. Also, stop by the CEU table on the second floor across from the seminar rooms for more details and appropriate forms.

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success for the Foodservice Industry Professional

Presented by: Wayne Breitbarth, CEO of Power Formula, LLC

This session has something for everyone. Whether you’re a social media novice or savvy user, you’ll come away with LinkedIn action steps that can produce immediate results. Everyone is marketing something—whether it’s yourself or your business. Don’t let another day pass without acquiring the knowledge you need to open doors and get dramatic results. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Use your experience and relationships to meet your business and career goals 
  • Create a compelling profile that will help the right people find you 
  • Successfully search for potential customers, employers, suppliers, employees, etc. 
  • Effectively engage with LinkedIn members who can help you 
  • Use hidden LinkedIn features to generate significant business opportunities within your organization



Presented by: D.P. Knudten, COLLABORATOR creative

Branding’s a big buzz word in marketing, and everyone who practices it has their own take on it. For some, it’s barely more than the consistent use of logo a color palette. For others, it’s coming up with whatever story the consumer will buy. For me, it’s about knowing who you are. So you can be it. This provocative and entertaining presentation makes the case for a new approach to branding and marketing based on factual foundation carefully formed, not ‘shiny object’ fluff. A truthful balance between what you are today and where you want to go, NonFiction Branding™ is based on actual physical documentation that’s scalable, sustainable and ‘everybody on the same page’-able.

You’ll gain from this session:

  • A real understanding about how ‘branding’ is more than a logo, more than ‘marketing’s problem,’ and how it can enhance every aspect of your business.
  • How to identify the difference between ‘lowest price-oriented’ commodities and ‘purchased for a premium’ brand opportunities, and how those categories don't just refer to products, but people as well. 
  • How personal brands can elevate and enhance company brands, too, by turning employees from unknown commodities to renowned experts and thought leaders in their given fields by leveraging the completely FREE global communication channels of social media STARTING TODAY using a handful of fun, easy, and effective techniques.



Presented by: Brian Bennett, President of STIR Advertising & Integrated Marketing

Today’s digital world provides endless opportunities for restaurants to tell their story and connect with customers in a more efficient and cost effective way than traditional media.  Understanding how to make it happen is another story.  Brian Bennett, President of STIR Advertising & Integrated Messaging, will share insights on how to set up a digital marketing structure that generates strong leads and revenue. He’ll review generational dining trends (Gen Z, for example, likes to dine in larger groups) and provide tips on how to use digital marketing to attract foodies of all ages to your restaurant.

Some key-takeaways will include:

  • Why thinking differently about restaurant marketing and using the right digital strategy is essential to survival.
  • Who are your dining audiences and how should you use digital marketing to customize your offers and promotions.
  • How branding, selling and sharing need to be key components of your restaurant marketing machine strategy.  


How a Menu Makeover Will Increase Your Profitability

Presented by: Mark Laux, Hot Operator

People judge a restaurant by the menu - first impressions do matter. Learn how to create menus that produce a high return on investment and increase revenue through building powerful brands. We’ll walk through the entire process of doing secondary research, making a scatter graph and what it means. See systematically how positions, highlighting, mental anchoring & strategic pricing all come together for obtaining higher profits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Menu Brand Development
  • New Products and why they are important
  • Paying attention to social media and what it means to your business
  • Facebook - Instagram what you look for and what you look like
  • Scatter Graphs and how to read one

The Emotionally Smart Leader

Presented by: Mary Pat Knight, Founder of Leaders Inspired

Inspired leaders serve in a way that helps others be THEIR best - not the leader's version of what is best. All the planning and accountability measures will be for naught if the team, itself, is not healthy. Hospitality calls for transparency, open communication, great feedback and accountable leadership. This interactive keynote session uses principles of Emotional Intelligence to minimize drama and triggered behavior that block potential and then identify awareness and capability to build team engagement.

Key learning from the presentation:

  • Key emotional intelligence skills to manage workplace emotions
  • Strategies to minimize drama and emotion from triggered behavior
  • A key leadership formula that breaks the pattern of villain, victim and hero with your team
  • 5 qualities of leadership communication you can employ with your team to create engagement and connection


Winning the War for Talent: Turning Foodservice Operators from Farmers of Talent to Hunters of Talent

Presented by: Chris Czarnik, CEO/Founder of Career [RE]Search Group

For the first time since WW II, the current lack of available workforce in the US is the single greatest threat to the growth and expansion for American businesses. It is a mathematical certainty that there will not be enough available talent to fill all of the needs of employers over the next decade. There will be winners and losers in this "War for Talent." This talk will focus on proven systematic strategies that restaurants can use to make sure they are well staffed with amazing people that will allow their organization to grow and thrive, even more critical during this time of labor shortage within the foodservice industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the causes of the current shortage of talent and how long it will last
  • Understand the three phases of the employment life cycle: Recruitment, Engagement and Development
  • Be able to understand whether potential employees are UNWILLING or UNABLE to come to work for you
  • Measure the state of any organization's culture by looking at referral hiring tendencies