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Expo Speaker

Call for Speakers

Education Sessions

Talented speakers who are objective, dynamic and have enthusiasm for sharing their expertise and knowledge are invited to present at the Midwest Foodservice Expo and Restaurant Marketing Symposium. Full-length sessions are generally 50 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A, but other options are considered. Both solo speakers and panels are welcome. 

If you would like to participate in the line-up of educational programs for the Midwest Foodservice Expo or speak in the Restaurant Marketing Symposium, please complete an application.

Speaker Application


Topics for educational programs should appeal to the foodservice and hospitality industry. Examples include:

  • Restaurant marketing
  • Workforce solutions and engagement
  • Uncovering hot new industry trends
  • Increasing revenue and customer loyalty
  • Social media and digital platforms
  • Technology solutions
  • Building winning teams
  • Operations, economics and business-building skills
  • Leadership and communication skills


Evaluation criteria for submissions:

Offers a unique perspective, viewpoint or approach.

Timeliness and Relevance
Contains new material and is relevant to current needs in foodservice.

Educational Value
Objective presentation by a credible speaker, meeting educational needs of the audience.

Ability to clearly explain key takeaways for topic or presentation. Selected sessions typically lineup with pre-decided topics of interest.

Use of Stage

We strive for the highest level of credible education.

Product pitches are not considered for educational sessions. Attendees do not like being sold on a specific company when investing valuable time in education.

Selling may not occur during any session, including the speaker's company, products or services. However, speakers may offer business cards to interested parties and contact them at a later date.

Sponsored programs are offered a different set of rules for promoting companies in conjunction with a session. Contact Dawn Faris at 608.216.2834 for details.



  • Speaker submissions are accepted year-round, though candidate selections are generally made in the Fall.
  • Applications must be completed online for review before acceptance to ensure a fully informed decision.
  • Typically, the same presenters are not selected two consecutive years in a row.
  • Finalists are contacted by a staff member if the topic meets our 2020 event needs. Otherwise, information is kept on file for one year and is reconsidered for the following year's event.
  • After session acceptance, staff works with presenters to assign time slots, A/V needs and other details.

Set-up & Preparation

  • Speakers are encouraged to provide their own laptop.
  • Standard A/V set is provided. This includes LCD projector with screen, 1 wireless lavaliere microphone and podium with mic.
  • Speakers should reserve and pay for hotel and travel on their own, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing.

Questions asked of selected speakers:

  • Bringing own laptop (make/model)? Or request one be provided?
  • Is video part of the presentation?
  • Is internet and/or any special connections needed?
  • Are handouts available? Would you like these printed?
  • Interested in social media promotion?
  • Want presentation posted online post event?