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Workforce Sessions

Leadership is a State of Mind.

Competition for employees is fierce. Operators and managers need solid solutions for locating, hiring and keeping and top performers.

At the Midwest Foodservice Expo, you'll find valuable resources and key takeaways to help you:

  • Attract and retain employees
  • Build a strong, motivated team
  • Create a positive workplace culture
  • Find alternative hiring solutions and recruitment paths
  • Offer benefits your team values

From in-depth education sessions to quick bites on focused topics, MFE has the needs of employers covered.

MFE's workforce sessions and full-length seminars focus on helping you engage employees and build a stronger, more motivated team.

The Emotionally Smart Leader

Winning the War for Talent: Turning Foodservice Operators from Farmers of Talent to Hunters of Talent


Focused training in continuous 15-minute presentations offer great tips and best practices for your labor challenges.

  • Build stronger teams
  • Address staffing shortages
  • Workplace culture
  • Reducing labor costs
  • And more


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