Jun 20, 2018

New WRA Dining Guide in the Works

WRA BuildingWRA is gearing up for the launch of a new and improved online dining guide.  You can expect more targeted searches, improved layouts, mobile friendly, restaurant photos* and more!

This upgrade to the WRA Dining Guide will help member restaurants appeal to wider audiences. In this digital age, an interactive guide is an incredibly valuable marketing tool.

WRA members are encouraged to update their listing for maximum visibility. WRA members can fill out the Dining Guide Information form to update their listing. It will take less than three minutes to complete.

Questions? Call Katie at 608.270.9950 or email kreiser@wirestaurant.org.

*Photos will only be used if we can collect a majority of our member restaurants’ photos. Please follow instructions closely for photos—only exterior restaurant photos or restaurant signage will be accepted—no photos of logos or menu items. Also, members are asked to include their restaurant name in the photo's file name.