Jan 2, 2019

January Seized Liquor Sale

AlcoholYour Invitation to Bid

On occasion the Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Unit confiscates contraband alcohol beverages. The DOR is authorized to sell the confiscated product to the highest bidder. These sales consist of 1362 bottles of Taxed Intoxicating Liquor.

Bids will be accepted from either a wholesale Permittee or persons licensed to sell intoxicating liquor at retail (Class A or B Liquor License). Sealed bids must be received at 265 W Northland Ave., Appleton, WI not later than January 22, 2019. Bid opening at 9:00 am on Wednesday January 23, 2019. Successful bidder must pick up product by February 15, 2019

Click here for more information on how to seal your bid.