Mar 21, 2019

DNC in Milwaukee

US Flag ArtTips for Restaurants

The restaurant and hospitality industry is excited about the Democratic National Convention coming to Milwaukee in 2020. This presents a huge opportunity for many restaurants and hotels in the Milwaukee area.

Here's some tips on how to maximize this opportunity. 

Thank you to VISITMilwaukee for these insights.

  • Be prepared to change your hours. As delegates return to the areas where their hotels are located, they will be looking for after-hours food and drinks.
  • Take down all online published room rental pricing and take prices off of menus, including catering menus. You need to be prepared to be able to customize your offerings and pricing depending on what clients ask for.
  • Do not over-extend beyond what is in your wheel house as an operation. For example: don’t serve breakfast if that is not something you normally do.
  • Take a look at your catering contracts and make sure that you ask for substantial nonrefundable deposits. Many groups associated with this convention will be looking at multiple locations at once. You do not want to think that your space is booked and then be dropped at the last minute.

WRA will be hosting a special meeting on how to take advantage of the opportunities associated with the Democratic National Convention later this spring in Milwaukee. We will keep WRA members posted when details are finalized.

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