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Employee Benefits

You know that your employees are the key to your restaurant’s success.  You appreciate their hard work and want to do as much as you can to attract and keep your top performers.  

Key benefits these days are health insurance, paid time off and a positive workplace culture.

Health Insurance for You and Your Employees

The Restaurant & Hospitality Benefit Trust is a new option available to Wisconsin Restaurant Association restaurant and lodging members through the National Restaurant Association and United Healthcare.  The program covers employers with “two up to ninety-nine” employees.

What’s unique about this program is that it allows smaller restaurant operators to have the same product selection and pricing flexibility that until recently were only available to larger employers.

Check out this new program to find out if this new health insurance program might be a good fit for your business.  

Questions, call Alliah at 763-361-6963.

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Pharmacy Cards

The National Restaurant and United Health Care offers the NRA Pharmacy Discount Card to Wisconsin Restaurant Association members. It’s a totally free card which can provide significant savings for you and your employees on FDA approved prescription medications. 

Anyone can use the pharmacy cards. These are particularly useful for people who don’t have prescription coverage.

The pharmacy cards are available electronically. Click here for online options that include email, text or printing directly from your printer. 

Or you can call WRA at 608-270-9950 if you would like us to send you prescription cards for you and your employees. 

A Positive Workplace Culture

Believe it not, pay is not always the most important consideration for potential employees.  Workplace culture is a huge deciding factor for restaurant employees in deciding where to work and where to stay.

Restaurants who work hard to foster a positive workplace environment are finding these efforts are paying off in reduced turnover and exceptional customer service for guests.

Dimitri and Erin Vranas from Parthenon in Madison share their story about how they have created a positive workplace culture where everyone (employees and the business) thrives.

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Wisconsin Restaurateur article “Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture”

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