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The WRA Education Foundation awards over $40,000 in scholarships annually based on future plans in foodservice, academic records and recommendations. Winners are recognized at the annual Celebration of Excellence. Funding is provided by the Foundation’s Endowment Fund.

Stacy Leverenz

For more information, contact:

Stacy Leverenz | Education Foundation, Program Coordinator


Minimum qualifications for WRA Education Foundation scholarships are:

  • Accepted at a nationally accredited, post-secondary school, enrolled with a minimum of 6 credits
  • Completed application that includes employer or instructor recommendations and school transcripts

Application Deadline: April 1, 2019
No hand-written applications will be accepted.

Complete Scholarship Application

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if I received a scholarship?

WRA Education Foundation scholarship winners will be notified by June 1 if they’ve received a scholarship.

How are scholarship funds disbursed?

Students can expect scholarship checks to be disbursed directly to schools in two separate installments equally between the first semester and second semester.

What if I don’t attend school for the full year?

Unfortunately, students who do not attend school both semesters will forfeit the remaining portion of their scholarship.

Is it ok to provide an unofficial transcript?

Yes! Unofficial transcripts that are received by the deadline are acceptable.
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